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There is no time like the present to spend a day being pampered. Our full service studio will have you feeling your best for you session. Your images will bring out your beauty and confidence. You will fall in love with your images and yourself all over again!

Erica Beck

Why I do what I do

My mission as a body positive boudoir photographer is to empower women and help them rediscover their beauty. Every woman is unique and deserves to feel confident and comfortable in her own skin. This is accomplished through an inclusive and supportive approach, creating a safe and welcoming space where women of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds can embrace their bodies with pride.

The goal is to capture the essence of your individual beauty, fostering self-love and celebrating your journey towards reclaiming your sense of worth. I am committed to creating transformative experiences that remind women of their inherent beauty, reignite their self-assurance, and leave them feeling empowered and beautiful once again.

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Arrive at my private studio and get pampered with professional hair and makeup so you look amazing.

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